Kaloki Nyamai was born in Kenya in 1985 and currently lives in Nairobi. He explores the parallels between the past and the present through richly- layered, multimedia works. Drawing heavily on the stories of the Kamba people, the works explore how history and identity are intertwined and how this has informed the identities of people living in present day, post-colonial Kenya. - ‘Ostrale Biennale O19’, (Group Exhibition),Dresden, Germany (2019), ‘Mwaki Nginya Evinda Enge (The Fire Next Time)’, (Solo Exhibition), Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya (2019), ‘I Am Not My Father’, (Solo Exhibition), EBONY/CURATED, Cape Town, South Africa (2018), Kampala Art Biennale, (Group Exhibition),Kampala, Uganda (2018), Also Known As Africa (AKAA) Art Fair, EBONY/CURATED, Paris, France (2018), ‘Kaloki Nyamai’, CNN, A Profile Documentary (2018) “I chose Kaloki primarily because we work with similar themes, but we have a unique way of translating our ideas on canvas and paper. We both use a layering process in our art making and on many levels, our work are about this internal reflection.” Fl. DemostheneText2 Lot 14 Photo Asya Turkina “two vala twee” 2019, Mixed medium on canvas , 225 x 216cm Est. R 90,000 to R 135,000 KALoKI NYAMAI Invited by Florine Demosthene EBoNY / CURAtED